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Welcome to Chelley's Place! This is my place to come to and share my thoughts, ideas, memories, pictures, tips, and maybe even a recipe or two. I am a roadschool/unschool mom that lives full-time on the road in our converted MCI bus. This blog will follow our adventures and trials. We are involved with a tent ministry so this will follow that as well. I will update schedules, pictures, etc regarding the revivals. Please click on "About" in the categories to get to know each one of us individually.


A Day In Our Life

    Someone on one of my rv groups started a blog carnival :) This will actually be a series and the first assignment was to blog about a day in our life. So here I am! Today was not overly exciting but I decided to break in the new Android tablet Derrick bought me and keep notes.
     Today is Sunday and we usually go to church when we are not holding revival services. Since we move around all the time we go to many many different churches. Today we went with some very close friends of ours here in Emmett, Id. The thing is though, their church is in Nampa, Id (about 45 minutes away). It is a pretty country drive though :)
      So at 8:00 am my alarm is beeping. Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a morning person. I am a night owl so my typical day starts around 10 am. Oh how I love my "retired" lifestyle!! Anyway I hot snooze once. Yep only once. I was so proud of myself. I was up at 8:10 and tearing the room apart looking for an outfit to match my new white sandals. Found the outfit (and woke Derrick up while searching) and jumped in the shower. Once out of the shower I threw my youngest daughter in to take hers. And yes I pretty much threw her in ... we now have about 45 minutes to departure. After showers and getting everyone dressed I tackled my oldest daughter's hair. And anyone that knows her, knows hat girl has some hair!!! Somewhere in all that chaos Derrick called our friends to remind them that we are following them to the church and not to leave without us.
       Uh Oh ... we have a furry member that I just realized needs to go out before we go. It is 9:30 and i take him for his walk. Good thing I rushed and was ready to go early :)
       We were told they leave at 10 am. Well at 10:10 we were loading up cars and stopping for fuel. And at 10:20 we are finally on our way to Nampa. They must be running late because the car we are following is passing one and two cars at a time. Maybe they forgot we are following. Just before service starts at 11 we pull into the parking lot. Everyone was friendly and helped me get the girls signed into children's church.
       Ok, about church service real quick .... We really enjoyed it. The worship was very uplifting (and loud). The pastor was very anointed and had an awesome message this morning. He talked about how close God is to us (he dwells in us). We always cry out to God or ask Him to come when we need Him, but He is already here with us, in us. Church service ended at 1:15 and I went to sign the girls out. To my surprise they were still having church. I peeked in the window and was taken aback. Never (and remember we visit MANY churches) have I seen the kids have actual church. This guy was preaching!!! No crafts, no snacks, no play time ... church!! I was VERY pleased!
       While in Nampa we had to make a Wal-Mart run. See, Emmett is very small and has pretty much nothing. Except Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Albertson's. Oh and Bi-Mart, but we are not members there. It was a quick in and out trip. We went in around 1:30 and were out by 1:50. That is very good for me and once again I was proud of myself. Got the batteries, bread, and card and ran for the register. By 2:39 we were home.
        We usually stop for lunch after church but we were just wanting to get home. We have a lot to get done today. So at 3:00 I made some sandwiches and we had a late lunch. At 3:20 I took some "me time" and jumped on facebook. The girls watched a movie and Derrick went to help a friend fuel up his vehicles for our road trip tomorrow. And speaking of road trip, I need to pack! So at 5:16 my me time was over and I began packing snacks, clothes, and car ride activities for the girls. I really despise packing. I never know what to bring. I am so spoiled with having my house go where I go. Packing took an hour, I really hope I did not forget anything. Derrick left for evening service at the church here in town, so checking facebook before feeding the girls.
       At 7:15 I decide it is too hot to cook so they are getting cereal. And I decided to catch the last 20 minutes of the Road Rebelles blog radio show. That was ... interesting. Those girls were definitely having fun over there :) Ok fun time is over and my girls need to get in bed. It is only 8:15 and they are having a hard time getting into bed. They normally get to stay up until 9:30 or 10, but we have to get up at 5 am!!!! And once again we all know how I just love mornings (NOT).
     It's 8:30 and the kids are in bed and I just walked the dog. And I am beginning this blog. Well technically it is now 9:14 and I am just finishing this blog. So there you have it .... 12 hours in the life of the Thomas family. Hope you enjoyed our day as much as we have.
    Stay tuned for more posts in this blog carnival/series.


Summer Time!!!

It has been too long since my last blog :(
Since Quartzsite we have been to Ca to do 3 revivals. Two in Big Pine and one in Lake Isabella. All were awesome and we saw God moving and doing miracles. Many got saved in Big Pine!! :)
We are now in Emmett, Id where we just wrapped up revival at a church. More miracles, healings, deliverance, and salvation. God is so great!
We will hang out here in town for a couple weeks before heading into Oregon where we will visit family.
Stay tuned for plenty of pictures, posts, and more this summer!!


Quartzsite, Az

We are once again in Az for the winter. We arrived just before Halloween. The girls participated in the Bouse Elementary School carnival where Michaela took first place once again for best costume in her age group. This year she went as a Red Hat Lady.
We spent Thanksgiving with my parents. We had a nice day with the traditional turkey meal.
We are now out boondocking in Quartzsite. We have had the pleasure of meeting several other fulltime families in the past 2 months. We really enjoyed the Schriers coming out to rough it with us for a few days. We had a blast digging for selenite crystals (Frank even found gold!!). We also enjoyed making homemade marshmallows with 3 families.
I had to get a local job this year to help out with things. I was not sure about going back to work, but I am loving it. I enjoy seeing and talking to the other fulltimers that come in to shop.
We are now preparing for Christmas. This year my parents are coming out to "our Place" (we usually go to theirs). The girls are excited about decorating a Palo Verde tree instead of a Pine tree.
Stay tuned for my next blog on how boondocking for Christmas went :)


Miley Cyurus, Judging, Gay Marriage, Tattoos ... And God

I have kept quiet on these subjects for quite a while, not wanting to "offend" any of my friends. But if you know me then you know I live by what the Bible says and I stand for what i believe in. I live what I preach and raise my two daughters this way as well.
This afternoon when I turned on the computer and loaded my browser the first thing that popped up was an article about Miley Cyrus and her new tattoo supporting Gay Marriage (Yahoo is my homepage).
First let me say this: Many years ago in the Hannah Montana craze I like Miley. She stood up on stage during an interview when asked "do you have a boyfriend?" she replied "there are only two men in my life .. Jesus and my dad". I respected the girl. ..... Then she turned 18 and was done with Disney ....
Ok back to the subject; it is not so much that she got a tattoo that bothers me or the fact that she supports gay marriage. She went on Twitter and said: 
"Where does it say in the bible to judge others?" she Tweeted to one of her followers. "Oh right. It doesn't. GOD is the only judge honey. 'GOD is love.'"

When someone says something about someone else people are quick to jump up and say "aren't you Christian? The Bible says not to judge". No that is not what the Bible says.
Many people read Matthew 7:1-5 out of context. 
“Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. 2For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. 3Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? 4Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while the log is in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye"
It is saying do not judge without first judging yourself.
Psalms 37:30 says "The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgement"
A Righteous person will talk of judgement. He will not refuse to judge. He will talk judgement.
A few more scriptures telling us about judging:
Amos5:14-15; Isaiah 59:8; 1 Cor. 1:10; Romans 16:17-18; 2 Cor. 6:17; 2 Timothy 3:5-6; 1 John 4:1

I am not for gay marriage or gay rights. I am not prejudice, I just believe what the Bible says and believe it is wrong. I have friends that claim they are gay and were born that way (but that is another blog subject entirely). I have seen many many people delivered from homosexuality and are living good Christian lives. They will tell you they thought they were born that way, but weren't.
Leviticus 18:22 identifies homosexual sex as an abomination, a detestable sin.
Romans 1:26-27 declares homosexual desires and acttions to be shameful, unnatural, lustful, and indecent.
1 Cor. 6:9 states that homosexuals are unrighteous and will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Whenever the Bible mentions marriage it is between a male and a female.

Tattoos ...
I see so many people with them nowadays. Especially Christians! They will get a tattoo of Jesus, or a cross, or in memory of a loved one. But the Bible speaks clearly against it.
Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you. I am Lord."
1 Cor. 6:19-20 tells us our body is a temple of the Holy Ghost.

So Miss Cyrus before you go tweeting and telling others what the Bible says, I think ya better read it honey!


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A Little About Who We Are

I am creating this blog for my friends and family (or anyone interested) to follow us on our travels. I attempted this a couple year ago and let it go after about a year. This time I will try very hard to keep current. I will try to blog daily and share thoughts, memories, pictures, tips, and maybe even a recipe or two.

For those that do not know us personally let me introduce ourselves. We are a family of 4 (5 if you count my fur baby) that have been traveling full-time in an rv for the past 3+ years. We started out in the 5th wheel we used for camping trips. After a year we upgraded to a 2 bedroom 5th wheel. After another year we decided that we needed something more sturdy and that had more conveniences while traveling, so we converted an old charter bus.  It has been almost a year in the bus and we are loving it!! I will post pictures of our home another time.

Why we live this lifestyle:
In April of 2008 God spoke to my husband and I and said we needed to sell what we have and go on the road full-time in the evangelistic field. We were moving in this direction anyway. Within 2 weeks we packed what we thought we needed (key word being thought) into the 5th wheel and sold or gave away the rest. We spent the next 5 weeks at a friend's house sorting through the stuff we thought we needed. Purged half of it (but still had way too much).  We hit the road and headed north to Idaho where we spent the next 3 months. In that time we purged half the stuff once again.
3+ years later and we are settled into this lifestyle. Actually we were settled into it by the time we got to Idaho.
Since January of 2009 we have been involved in tent ministry. For those that do not know what that is, we do tent revivals.  We are currently a ministry of helps to a very good friend (and spiritual father) of ours. We someday hope that God will bless us with our own tent.

In another post I will introduce us all individually.
Until then I look forward to you getting to know who we are and what we are about.

The Thomas Family

In my previous post I explained what we do and why we do it. In this post I will introduce each one of us individually.
We are:
Michelle (aka Chelley) - Mom
She roadschools/unschools our two daughters, we do a lot of life learning. She enjoys baking and cooking (which can at times be a challenge in such a small kitchen). She loves our lifestyle and experiencing new places and wonders with kids. Loves crafting of all kinds. Some of her favorites are quilting, sewing, and beading. She also likes to read the Bible and Christian fiction (especially Amish fiction).

Derrick - Dad

He is the chauffeur of our 40 ft home on wheels. He is a missionary evangelist and enjoys his calling. He is a "Jack of all trades" and can fix just about anything. He is the one that did the conversion to our bus. You can see pictures of the bus and the conversion process by clicking on "The Bus" on the menu bar or on the right sidebar under categories. He enjoys reading the Bible.

Michaela - Daughter (age 10)

She was diagnosed with Autism. God has miraculously healed her. She has never been on any meds, vitamins, special diets, etc. and has never been in any special therapies; yet she has improved and come so far. We know that God is not through with her and are believing in a complete "healing". She is a very special little girl and loves everyone she meets with her whole heart. She enjoys coloring and putting puzzles together.

Riona - Daughter (age 5)

She is our little diva! She is definitely a "girlie girl" and loves to have her clothes match her shoes and her hair done just perfect. She is our prayer warrior. If anyone has an ailment of any kind she is the first to suggest prayer or pray herself. She enjoys coloring and playing with her Barbies.